10 reasons you need a Health Coach

As a busy mum, managing our own health and wellbeing can be a pretty lackluster affair. Sure, we can whip up homemade sushi while rocking a pram back and forth with our foot...while on hold with the repair man! We know what needs to be done and we do it, no questions! (well maybe some...we're human!) But when it comes to our own needs we tend to feel lost.

Well the good news is there are people out there who know just what to do...Health Coaches! I'm sure you've heard of Health Coaches before but what do they actually do and do you need one? To keep it simple, the role of a Health Coach is to assess a clients health and lifestyle and work with them to create healthy habits and nutritional changes so they can live their best life!

Here are 10 reasons you need a Health Coach

1. Feel confident in yourself - regain your inner glow by introducing healthy habits for life

2. Non-diet weight management - help your body to shed weight naturally so that you can feel and look good in your own skin...and your clothes!

3. Better manage stress - introduce simple strategies to feel more in control and reducing inflammation in your body

4. Create a healthy relationship with food (and be a great role model for those around you!)

5. Feel supported as you work towards your goals - cause we all need our own cheersquad!

6. Save yourself time browsing the internet looking for quick fixes - work with a professional that provides info that is useful to YOU, saving you time to focus on yourself and those you love

7. Overcome emotional eating issues and harmful dieting behaviours (food is awesome! Let's enjoy it!)

8. Save time and feel organised with healthy meal plans, delicious recipes and info to assist in creating good food choices

9. Discover what you really want from life and go for it!

10. Create a healthy body and mind with a fitness plan that you can not only implement but enjoy. You can be a fitter, stronger and healthier you without running for miles!

If you want any (or all) of these things then Health Coaching is for you! So ladies, it's time to take care of you...you're loved ones will thank you for it!

In great health & good times,

Kym xoxo

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